About Ulla

Human Development:

From Tension to Freedom

Witnessing individuals evolve and tensions ease is my passion. Whether in one-on-one therapy sessions or working with groups, I find immense joy in facilitating personal and professional growth journeys. Throughout my life,

I’ve been fascinated by development and growth, , undergoing various developmental processes myself. I’m committed to continuously exploring and testing methods and techniques, ensuring that I offer the most effective support to my clients.

our needs are always at the forefront, and together, we’ll find the approach that best suits you.

1995 Cand. Psych. Aarhus University

Learning on very different jobs, participation in different networks, individual supervision, coaching and therapy

2023: Assesment – AS3
2023: Introduction to SE Therapy
2022-24: NARM Therapy – NARM Denmark
2022-23: Breathing and Cold Exposure – Innercise, among others
2022: Assessment – Vinthermosgaard.dk
2022 Certificat- Processwork Institute, Portland Oregon
2020: Winter Intensive – Processwork Institute, Portland Oregon
2019: Online Facilitation – NOCA
2018: Certification in Decisionstyles – CFL
2018: Certification in MSCEIT – Emotional Intelligence
2015: English – Leadership and Organizational Vocabulary
2015: Certification Changesetter
2014: Certification in JTI – CFL
2011: Certification in Strengths Profile – Estimate
2010: Positive Psychology – Summer University DPU
2007: Certified Physiotherapist Masseuse – Bodyrepair
2006: Art-based Coaching – Timeart
2005: Competence Mapping and Transitions – AS3/Giza
2005: Stress Reduction – Health Psychological Society
2004: Measurement of Psychological Working Environment – AMI (now NFA)
2003: Test Course – Contribution to Assessment – CFL
2003: Supervision Group – Gitte Haslebo
2001: In Charge Not in Control – Dacapoteatret
2001: Individual Performance Training – Dacapoteatret
1999: Supervision Group at Amtoft and Strøier
1997: Process Consultation by Green and Andersen in Responsibility 2000 Green and Andersen in Responsibility 2000
1995: Internal education about pedagogy and collaboration at the Insurance Academy

Experienced psychologist:

Help for life's challenges

Let me introduce myself. I’m Ulla, a seasoned psychologist trained at Aarhus University in 1995. As a member of the Danish Psychological Association and authorized by the Psychologists’ Board, I bring years of experience and expertise to my practice. Continuously dedicated to growth, I actively pursue further education and engage in ongoing supervision and therapy. I have just completed a therapeutic training programme on developmental trauma (NARM).

I spend most of my working life in therapy, helping people with the challenges life can bring, including:

For the first many years of my working life, I have worked with developing people in the workplace. I have primarily worked with managers and have most experience from research environments, but I have also worked in and with other workplaces.

Key Competencies

Specializing in stress management, illness, divorce, relationships, grief, depression, and other life challenges.

Experience working with leaders at all levels, from strategy to personal appearance, and facilitating growth in management teams. Har erfaring med at arbejde med ledergrupper, hvilket jeg finder vældig gavnligt.

Skilled in designing and implementing individual, group, and organizational development activities, adapting strategies as needed.

Delivering clear, relevant, and engaging teaching with a focus on making material accessible and applicable.

Harnessing creativity and innovation to explore new paths and foster co-creation in groups and organizations.

Before becoming 100% self-employed in 2022, I worked in a number of workplaces, which gave me insight into very different work cultures, different core tasks and different frameworks for doing work. I also often draw on the many experiences I had in my working life before I became a trained psychologist.

If you want to know more about my hires, you can read about them here:

Main tasks: development and implementation of leadership development programmes, advice and consultancy assignments, mainly for management teams, competence development, design and implementation of courses on research management and talent development for researchers, driving force in defining management principles, facilitation of top management meetings (L80), adaptation work in connection with downsizing.

Main tasks: planning and implementing development and change projects and facilitation in public and private organisations. Preferably tasks related to the working environment.

Main tasks: Management development, management sparring and development, organisational development, psychological work environment, planning and conducting competence development and dialogue processes, creating and facilitating networks, developing tools and processes, conducting measurements.

Main tasks: plan and implement development courses with theatre methods.

Main tasks: leadership development, project management, team management, developing instructors and methods, communication, finance.

Ansvar 2000 was a leadership development co-operation between the Danish Scout Corps, Rambøll, Post Danmark, Danske Bank, the Danish National Police and Danfoss.

Main tasks: teaching, developing course material and developing instructors.


Residing in a cohousing community in Lejre,
I balance my professional pursuits with time spent enjoying family, friends, physical activity, creative endeavors, literature, nature, and lifelong learning. Born 21.01.66

For inquiries about my background, services, or approach, don’t hesitate to reach out.