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Welcome, leaders and managers! Are you ready to revolutionize your workplace dynamics and drive growth like never before? Look no further.

As an organizational psychologist, I specialize in crafting tailored programs

designed to supercharge performance and foster a culture of excellence. With a keen eye for organizational dynamics, I focus on four main areas:

Leadership Groups

Are you part of a leadership group seeking to level up? Let’s design a program that caters to your collective needs,

from clarifying common goals to enhancing individual strengths while staying aligned with shared objectives.

Coaching for Leaders and Key Individuals

Leading isn’t easy, but it’s infinitely rewarding. Whether you’re navigating complex organizational

dynamics or charting a course through uncharted waters, , my coaching sessions

blend organizational expertise with therapeutic

insight to help you thrive.

Well-being, Job Satisfaction, or Even Work Happiness?

Work isn’t just about tasks; it’s about fulfillment and happiness.

Together, let’s create a workplace where individuals flourish,

aligning organizational goals with individual desires for a win-win scenario.

Of course, frameworks, conditions and relationships also play a role in how people thrive in their working life, and there may be a need to strengthen relational skills and the framework for collaboration in a team or department.

Many departments, teams and workgroups need to focus on how they can strengthen their work together. I’m happy to contribute to the annual theme day or longer courses where you want to strengthen your collaboration and working conditions.

You are always welcome to contact me to learn more about my organisational work.

Research Management

Is it Something Special?

Initially, I didn’t believe that managing research should be any different from managing anything else when I first had to teach researchers about leadership. . Since then, I’ve gained a lot of insight. I’ve been supporting and developing research leadership for over 15 years now, and I’ve come to see that it’s indeed a special discipline.

One of the key differences is that researchers are rarely assigned leadership responsibilities. Research leadership often arises out of necessity. There are no clear production goals, and the commitment to the organization can be very unclear. It’s rare for leaders to be allocated resources in terms of finances or competencies. A crucial aspect of research leadership is attracting resources in the form of research grants and competencies. Many researchers I’ve met experience the pressure to secure resources as a constant stressor.

Some individuals find the application process to be the most open, exciting, and creative phase of the research process because it’s where new paths can be explored. . I can’t remove the pressure from the conditions research leadership operates under, but I can help you find sustainable ways to be a research leader.

. I can also assist you in planning or facilitating a process within your research group or department to support each other in creating a creative and supportive research environment.

Many conversations with researchers from different environments and at different levels in the organization have taught me the importance of having a direction for your research. A direction, a mission, or a research question that can be used to make choices and thus guide research. I’ve seen different preferences regarding how defined or open the direction is. Some researchers pursue the same direction throughout their careers, while others change direction significantly during their research journey.

I’m available for consultations on how to define your research direction, whether you’re in a position to define it yourself or you lead a team where you need to find a direction together.

Research leadership can operate under much more ambiguous conditions than, for example, leadership in production. Research leadership begins as early as during a Ph.D. project, where it’s necessary to manage your own work. From there, research leadership can take many paths. In natural science research environments, there’s often a tradition of working in groups or laboratories where coordination and organization are necessary. In many humanities environments, there hasn’t been the same tradition of collaboration, but I sense an increasing desire and need for leadership in these environments.

One could also say that it’s outdated to talk about research environments in terms of natural science and humanities, as research today often takes place across research fields. This greatly demands leadership and organization. When researching across differences, whether they be research traditions or cultural differences, one of the most important disciplines is careful communication. I offer training and coaching in communication. I am strongest in one-on-one communication, where I can also draw on my experience as a clinical psychologist.

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